Small Business Partnership

The Small Business Advantage:

We serve as an adjunct to your plan. We are able to complement the services that health insurance coverage provides your employees and enable significant savings against your current health plan with:

  • Primary care provider access for your employees 24/7.
  • Work-site Health Screenings, site visits for ill employees.
  • Dedicated wellness and employee prevention plans developed especially for your employees.
  • Guaranteed same day or next day office visits.
  • Selected Health Education Presentations.
  • Direct Employer-Provider Relationship.
  • Quarterly monitoring of plan charges and identification of expenditures to focus on ways to reduce premiums.

Together, we will formulate actionable plans designed to make your employees healthier, more productive, and happier.  We can do all of this while reducing plan expenses.

Direct primary care patients have proven to have:

  • 65% fewer Emergency Department visits.
  • 35% fewer hospital days when admitted.
  • 66% reduction in specialist visits and referrals (because now we have the time to handle problems).
  • 82% fewer surgeries.
  • 92% more primary care visits per year.
  • Better management of chronic conditions.
  • Fewer emergency room visits.
  • Improved productivity due to a healthier workforce.
  • Reduced absenteeism as employees become healthier and need less time off for health-related appointments.
  • Reinforcement of a wellness culture.
  • Improved retention of employees who appreciate the clinic’s convenience and their employer’s willingness to invest in their health.
  • Earlier treatment of illnesses or injuries.

Facts & Statistics:

  • Boeing, Amazon, Toyota,, Union County North Carolina, New Jersey, Seattle Washington, Tennessee all contract with a Direct Primary Care practice for Primary Medical Care.
  • National Public Radio estimates that it will save $390,000 alone over three years by avoiding lost work time, switching prescriptions from name-brand to generics at the clinic, and making it easier for workers to stay ahead of illness or disease for its 650 employees.
  • Union County North Carolina (a government agency) saved 1.4 million dollars their first year by contracting with a DPC clinic for primary care services for 700 of its 1900 employees.

Cost Savings:

Union County North Carolina saved roughly $313 dollars per employee per month ($1.4 million) when they compared costs incurred in a traditional family practice still sponsored by a CDHP.

They saved an additional $60 per employee per month in prescription savings, which can be as much as 30-40% of a company’s total premium cost.

NPR estimates it will save almost $400,000 over three years in from productivity loss by partnering with a DPC.

Ask us how we can coordinate with your current insurance plan to develop a strategy to best serve the health and wellness needs of your employees today.