The Difference

Removing the barriers, literally.

•  Reducing the panel size from about 2,500 to around 1,200 results in twice as much time per patient. Hence, DPC providers can understand patients better and manage more complex problems.

•  DPC practices make themselves much more accessible to patients. They typically offer Saturday hours, 24×7 phone access, and appointments within 24 hours. Easy access is a powerful tool to surface health problems early and head-off ER visits, many of which occur only because the primary care provider is not available.

•  Because DPC providers are paid for care, not for procedures, they can use phone consults, email, video, and other technology much more extensively. This enables more contacts with patients and faster response. Today many providers resist phone and email consults with patients partly because insurance reimbursement for these encounters is much less than for an office visit, and often $0.

At Redefine HealthCare our goal is to minimize the headaches and complexities and maximize quality, time and convenience through:

Transparent Pricing

The prices that are listed are the prices you pay. No bills to come later and there are no in office co-pays.  Medications, labs and other testing such as x-rays and CT scans are offered at wholesale prices, typically as much as 80-90% off market rate.


At Redefine HealthCare we believe one of the keys to providing good healthcare is convenience of access. Convenience lies at the core of engaging patients to become proactive in their health care, not just reactive to their illnesses.   By creating better access to care we empower the healthy stay that way, and help the sick return to optimal health quicker.

  • Same day or next day office visits.
  • After hours care and appointments that fit your schedule.
  • 24/7 cell-phone access.  There is never a bad time to reach us.
  • House Calls.  We understand that there may be times that making it into the office can be challenging and that a home visit would be beneficial… in these circumstances, we will come to you.


We believe building personal relationships with our patient’s starts with providing high quality care. By focusing our attention on a smaller panel of patients we are able to give more time and effort to each patient and each problem. We believe the quality of the care we provide speaks to the purpose of why Redefine HealthCare was started.

You won’t feel rushed through an appointment and there’s never a question you won’t have time to ask. Part of the relationship we will build is based on your understanding of your care. That’s what we call personal healthcare.


In today’s world, an office visit is not always the most convenient option, nor is it always needed.  Our goal is to put time back into your schedule, not take it away.

  • Call, text, email and face-time/Skype are a few options to connect with your provider for more timely and convenient care.
  • Connect your FitBit and link it directly to your health record to ensure your on track with your health and fitness goals.
  • E-consult with Specialists for more complex problems.


Trust is the foundation of any relationship. We strive to instill trust in our patients through open communication, ease of access to their provider and the relaxed atmosphere that a smaller practice can offer. Through trust we provide peace of mind and an understanding that we are there for our patients when they need it most.


As an individual and a patient, if you believe something is a time burden you are less likely to engage in that activity and will only use it when the problem you are dealing with becomes more burdensome than seeking treatment. This is why we consider time to be one of the most precious commodities that every single one of us shares, and one of our highest priorities at Redefine HealthCare. We believe that a fundamental part of healthcare is the ability to operate as close to real time as we can through direct phone, text and virtual access to your provider so we can preserve time at every opportunity.