Removing the barriers, literally.

We choose not to accept insurance as our payer because it allows us to do things that traditional Primary Care Practices do not.  The average amount of face time you get with an provider in a traditional setting is about 8 minutes.  This has become ‘the norm’.  Direct Primary Care allows us to see patients when we want at how long we want.  If you forget to ask a question when you leave, text or call us.  It’s that simple.

Unlimited office visits, phone calls, texts and same day or next days appointments are a part of what we do.  You have your providers cell phone number.  No jumping through hoops to get a simple question answered.  Problems often referred to an urgent care or ER  (i.e.: laceration repairs, setting of simple fractures) can be addressed in office, saving our patients hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

We have secured affordable pricing for services such as labs and X-rays.  We offer medications at a fraction of the cost.  How?  Insurance does not dictate the price you pay. We do.  Our prices are your prices.  Period.

An office visit is not always the most favorable option, nor is it always needed.  Many issues can be taken care of by phone or via virtual visit. We have the unique ability to do just that. Our goal is to put time and convenience back into your schedule, not take it away.  Office visits are included in your monthly fee — no co-pays.  No bills in the mail.

Services We Offer:


  • Call, text, email and face-time/Skype to connect with your provider 24/7 for more timely care
  • Connect your FitBit and link it directly to your health record to ensure you’re on track with your health and fitness goals
  • E-consult with Specialists for complicated problems
  • We have a fully interactive web portal to make communicating easier.


  • Removal of skin tags, moles and warts
  • Cryotherapy for lesion removal
  • Biopsy and testing of suspicious dermatological lesions and/or referral if necessary

Minor Surgery

  • Laceration Repair
  • Incision and Drainage
  • Lesion Removal

Adult Medicine

  • House Calls
  • Wellness prevention
  • Routine services
  • DOT Physicals/Yearly Physicals
  • Management of Ongoing Chronic problems
  • Spirometry
  • Yearly Physicals including lab screening
  • Diabetic Teaching
  • Nutritional counseling

Health Optimization

  • Identifying and correcting underlying nutritional imbalances
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Vitamin IV Therapy


  • Pap Tests
  • Annual well women exam
  • Family Planning
  • Acute Gynecologic problems


  • Infant Sick care
  • Annual Physicals/School/Sports
  • Routine Services

Cosmetic Procedures (priority pricing for members)

  • Botox
  • Juvederm (Ultra, Ultra Plus)

Services Coming Soon

  • Allergy Testing and shots
  • Immunizations
  • Bone density screening

We focus on the full spectrum of patient management with:

Wellness Prevention-School/Sports/DOT physicals, Weight loss counseling, fitness and exercise counseling, smoking cessation.

Sick Care & Injuries- Cold/Flu, Gastroenteritis, Strains/Sprains, Simple fractures, Laceration and Wound Repair/Abscess, Rashes, UTI’s, Unexplained Symptoms.

Chronic Disease Management-Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Thyroid Disorders, Depression/Anxiety, Asthma & Copd, Migraines and other chronic issues.