IMG_0500Our goal is simple: Get back to the basics of what primary care used to be by providing convenient, timely, quality healthcare.

Redefine HealthCare has been designed to provide the highest quality of personalized care while working directly for the patients.  We provide instant care and communication rather than forcing you to wait days, weeks, or months to make an appointment.

Our monthly membership fee covers a vast majority of primary care services without the hassles of insurance.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a growing healthcare model that puts the patient and the provider together and removes insurance as middle man.  It’s a return to the way things used to be, before they got…complicated.

We are part of a rapidly growing membership based healthcare model that chooses to remove insurance as their payer.  In turn, this drastically reduces practice cost and overhead.  As a result, significant savings are passed directly to the patients.

A traditional family practice will have a patient panel consisting of 3,000 to 4,000 patients.  Most Direct Primary Care practices focus on serving a smaller patient panel size of around 400-600 patients, allowing for an increased focus on quality and personal attention to each patient.


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